May 5, 2017

International Driving License Verification (IDLV) from VFS Sydney

Today I walked in to VFS Sydney office at 8/189 Kent Street to get my Indian License (from Tamil Nadu) verified.

I had with me the below documents...

1. Original Indian License
2. My passport
3. Photocopies of #1 and #2 above. Please keep two copies of each with you.
4. Driving extract from RTO Chennai which has details like license number, DoI, DoE, etc. 
5. Affidavit from Notary in India. Thanks to my name. My initial is not expanded but in passport it is. So you need an affidavit.
6. Filled VFS form for IDLV. Just google the site. download and print the form. Fill it.
7. 2 by 2 photograph is needed. I took a normal passport size photo and it was not accepted. Need not worry. They have a photo guy there who can click photo in a giffy. They charge you $15 for 4 photos.

Despite submitting all these, I was asked to get my first and last page of my passport photocopies attested by Justice of Peace (JP). So I walked more than a km to Level 2, 456 Kent street and got the attestation done. This is free of charge. JPs work from 10 am to 2:30pm. So I stood in the queue and got that sorted out and came back to VFS.

Now the lady at the counter tells me to get another document done called Attestation of Documents under miscellaneous services. That is because I got the affidavit (step 5) above done from India. Thank god there is a guy there for printing, etc services. He charges $5 for quick browsing and $1 for printing. I filled the form online in his laptop and got them printed.

This form also needs a 2 by 2 photo. They will help you with the glue. So stick it :)

Then I went to the lady for the third and hopefully final time. Now she charges me $104.12 for both attestation of documents and IDLV.  She took my original indian license too. She said that the license and the VFS verification will be couriered to me. I will receive an SMS (it is an optional service but i opted for it by paying $2 as I wanted to track my original license). The lady told me that from the time I receive SMS, it would take 24 hours for the courier to arrive.

Once I get this letter, I need to visit any RTA and upgrade my P90 to a full license.

Hope this write up benefitted atleast a few of you!!


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