Jan 5, 2015

LATEST Dec end 2014 - How to apply for NOC for your two wheeler and four wheeler without agents or bribes?

Dear Readers,

Here is the way to get NoC for your bike or two wheeler at the cost of Rs.70/- in all.

The first step to getting NoC is the police clearance certificate (Crime Bureau Clearance) from the Asst. Commissioner office which is located in Chennai Traffic Police headquarters, Atkinson Road, Periyamedu, Chennai near Egmore station.

On Dec 24th 2014, I went to the above location with the following documents for my TN registered Car which I am driving in Bangalore by paying road tax but without NoC.

1. RC Book Original and 1 photo copy
2. Insurance Certificate Original and 1 photo copy
3. ID Proof (Driving License) original and 1 photo copy
4. Local Address Proof which can be any govt issued document like voter id, pan card, et al. RC book address and this address proof need not be the same. 1 photo copy of the address proof

Take all these documents and reach the venue as early as 9:30 am. In the entrance to the right side there is reception. Enter your details in the registry and they will give you a visitor id card. Wear that and go to the first floor of the next building. There are indications and arrows to guide you there. 

Once you reach the first floor, you will see a person in a counter. Submit all the above documents to him. He will help you fill the application form with details like engine number, chasis number, etc. Pay Rs.20/- at the counter and he will give you the acknowledgement. This person will let you know when to collect the police clearance certificate. For me he told to come the next day at 2pm to collect and it was ready when I went there.

I also applied for police clearance for my husband's bike. Since husband could not make it in person, I submitted same documents listed above for the bike and my marriage certificate photo copy as a proof that I am his wife. So I could get it done seamlessly for the bike too.

These people are very considerate and nice. 

Note: You need not take your vehicle for which you are getting the NoC. They will not see your vehicle.

How to get NoC for your car?

On Dec 26th 2014, I go to the RTO where my car got first registered. The below documents are needed to get the NoC.

1. 4 copies of Form 28 (download from any RTO website and fill it. Take the Chasis number 3D imprint on the anywhere on the first page of Form 28) 
2. Original RC Book, Insurance Certificate, Police Clearance Certificate, Pollution Control Certificate
3. Two court fee stamps of Rs. 5/-. You need to stick this on the first page of one of the Form 28 sheets.
4. Glue, Yellow folder sheet (shops next to RTOs sell this for Rs.5)  
I was asked to meet the RTO who will verify your papers and sign and seal. After this, he will ask you to meet the PA to RTO. Once the PA also signs the sheet, they will ask you to get no objection report from a Grade 2 officer. Grade 2 officer will inspect your vehicle and then provide you the report. Once you get that, you will be asked to pay Rs.50/- at the fee counter who will give you acknowledgement for the paid fee. All these documents will need to be enclosed in the yellow folder sheet that you got and submitted in the postal section. Who will verify and provide a seal in the fee receipt. They will ask you to come after a week to collect the NoC.

How Grade 2 officer inspects?

I had to take my car to the place where FC happens. I waited for 2 hours and generally grade 2 officer comes post lunch or during lunch time which is after 12 noon. Since I did not go through any agent, I was given first preference for inspecting my vehicle. He will look for engine and chasis number and then give a no objection report and that the details are accurate.

If not for the waiting for Grade 2 officer's inspection, all other formalities completed within 20 minutes.

I am getting my NoC tomorrow, 6th Jan 2015 :) I will keep you posted on the validity of the NoC and other formalities of re-registering the vehicle as soon as I complete them.

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