Sep 19, 2013

Passport walk-in for kids in Sai Arcade, Bangalore

Hi all,
Yesterday, Sep 18th I had walked-in for passports for my two children one aged 6 yrs and the other one aged 2.8 yrs. I got the passport without any prior appointment and hassle. Here is what I did.
1. Fill the online forms in and then submit the application form of your kid. This will generate the ARN number and proceed towards printing the receipt
2. Children under 4 years, the parents need to bring the passport size photos. Only above 4yrs they will get the photo clicked at the passport office.
3. If you have applied for any name change of your kid (I did for my elder one - change in the last name), just follow the document advisor link in the website and get them ready like Annexure H, Affidavit from notary for the name change, etc. For name change, please note that you MUST have the newspaper publication one in English and another one in Local paper. The entire news paper page is needed to be taken as part of your documentation. Do not just cut the ad alone.
4. You walk in at 8:45 am the next morning with the above details and you will go to a counter where they will check if you have all the documents. After that they will give you all your documents in a brown cover along with a token number and you will be asked to go inside. There are three counters A, B and C.
Counter A will ensure all your kids' details are uploaded to the system and you pay the passport fee here. They will file all your artifacts and then it will go to counter B and here is where the do the paper verification - like address, signature verification, etc. Once this is through the C counter is where you will be granted the passport.
Since it is all token based system, it is very straight forward. DO NOT GO THROUGH ANY AGENT. You will save lot of money and this entire process is very seamless. After counter C, you will be asked to move to the exit gate where they will have you fill a feedback form and provide you with acknowledgment.
 Two important things to note
 1. Effective Sep 20th 2013, kids below 3 years of age and Sr. citizens above 60 years of age can avail a passport without appointment
2. Only Tatkal can be applied
 For normal ones, just apply online for an appointment and ensure proper documents are ready and you will be through.
Good luck!

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