Nov 21, 2008

XML contest

Are you a super techie that is interested in exploiting technologies always? Then you need to read on. XMLChallenge website has come up with IDUG contest and this contest has been designed to recognize developers who will shape the XML landscape of the future. Students and professionals are free to participate in this contest. You never know what is within you. You might already be an XML superstar, so you can definitely enter into the competition. There are five contests currently going on like the video contest, gadget contest, query contest, ported app contest and XML contest.

You can start now by registering for any one of the above mentioned contests. The contestant with the most participation points will be awarded the "XML Grand Master". You can choose the contest you want to enter first and take the Quick Quiz. If you are seeking XML Grand Master status, then you should get started right away with the Video Contest, Gadget Contest, and Query Contest. You have just three simple steps to follow. Just register with your details and select one subject of your choice. After you receive your login details, enter the contest with your login name and password and answer 5 simple XML questions to go to the next level. 15 questions will be asked on the subject of your choice. So what are you waiting for? Just visit the website now.


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