Aug 5, 2008

Credit score

Most of you might have credit cards and having a credit card means maintaining a good credit history. If you have a fair credit score then it means that you have overcome your bad credit upper threshold. If you want to know your credit report and score then you get avail them for free online. A fair credit score is a middle step between poor and positive credit. You can apply online for fair credit cards. The site has Capital One credit card that comes as standard platinum, platinum max and classic platinum. The stand platinum card does not have any annual fee and it has zero percent intro APR on purchases until December this year. Check your report and score and apply for cards you are likely to get. Increase your credit score, listed as fair by credit report bureaus and making payments timely.

If you have a bad score, step by step, your score will increase provided your financial behavior's wise. Apply for a card for fair score or take one of loans for fair score and strengthen your score. You can start repairing or establishing your credit score with a secured card, where security deposit stands for guarantee and that you'll pay your debt. So what are you waiting for? Check your credit score now and apply for a card online.

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