Jul 28, 2008

Weekend hobby

I have recently been interested in lot of craft work. I did glass painting all by myself. For a first timer, it has come out really well and am very satisfied with my work. Follow the below steps if you are a beginner and interested in doing glass painting:

1. Buy a A4 size glass. It costs you INR Rs. 25 max
2. Buy glass water color which is available in any retail shop
3. Pick up your favourite design. If you do not get one, you can use the design that comes along with the water colors that you buy. I chose the design from my bed spread
4. Keep the glass on top of the design and start applying the border color (which is available as part of glass color kit) around the design
5. Let the whole outline after completion be allowed to dry for 2 hours
6. After 2 hours, pick up the other colors and fill the design
7. Now you are done with your first glass painting. Keep the glass in a shady room for a week. After a week the paint shall dry very well and stick to the glass
8. Do not keep the glass under sun, near the flame, dust or in water
9. You can give your glass painting for a good frame

This is what I had done over the weekend and it has come out so well. I will soon post my painting in this same article. Keep waiting :)

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