Jul 24, 2008

Traffic cops in Bangalore

I really want to take some time to talk about the traffic police in Bangalore. They are doing a great job standing amidst heavy traffic and regulating the vehicles. They are very prone to all kinds of respiratory diseases. Despite that, they continue their good job of traffic regulation. They wear a mask that covers their nostrils and ensure their personal safety. Unlike other cities' traffic police, the corruption is comparatively very less in Bangalore. They are also very soft spoken and do not harass the public.

I salute the Traffic Police in Bangalore.


abinash said...

I do agree but about the harassment I beg to differ. U should ask us bike riders. How often they do that unnecessarily. Anyway good observation :)

Lakshmi Easuwaran said...

I do ride bike daily. I have not faced any such issues. The cops catch you only when you violate the traffic rules.